The Top 10 Contemporary Piano Concertos Written Up To 1960: #10-6

OK, to clarify what I mean by this title, I'm referring to concertos composed in a post-romantic style, which leaves out composers like Rachmaninoff, Medtner, and Korngold. They'll be ranked in the Romantic category (still to come). Even this chunk of the twentieth century was a huge mountain of repertoire to climb, and notable for... Continue Reading →

The Top 10 Piano Concertos Written Since 1960: Part II

Annnd we're back with Part II. The five pieces listed here show a pretty amazing spectrum of what's possible in the piano concerto genre, and they're full of incredible moments. Savor these pieces. Think about them. At the end of the list I've got a few Honorable Mentions. Witold Lutoslawski – Piano Concerto (1987) Continue Reading →

Wolf-Tempered Clavier: A Pleasant Surprise

Hungarian publisher EMB has recently released a piano collection called Wolf-Temperiertes Klavier (Wolf-Tempered Clavier) by composer Peter Wolf. In a further evocation of Bach and The Well-Tempered Clavier, the cover features part of a Bach portrait. Mr. Wolf himself also gets a little photo. It’s all very mysterious. Is this a cycle of preludes and... Continue Reading →

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