Wolf-Tempered Clavier: A Pleasant Surprise

Hungarian publisher EMB has recently released a piano collection called Wolf-Temperiertes Klavier (Wolf-Tempered Clavier) by composer Peter Wolf. In a further evocation of Bach and The Well-Tempered Clavier, the cover features part of a Bach portrait. Mr. Wolf himself also gets a little photo. It’s all very mysterious. Is this a cycle of preludes and... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gems: J.S. Bach – Four Duets, BWV 802-805

I’m still taking some time to sort out all the riches of The Etude magazine, but in the meantime here’s some straight-up repertoire discussion. Don't confused by the title "duet" – these are for one player, but the title comes from the fact that they are written in two voices. I became interested in these... Continue Reading →

Piano Music for Moods

Years ago, I stumbled on a website where a music lover had made a list of his or her favorite pieces for a variety of moods. That list encompassed all classical genres, and it was pretty comprehensive. Some of the associations led me to discover music that soon became some of my favorite. To show... Continue Reading →

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