The Top 10 Piano Concertos Written Since 1960: Part I

As I was scrounging around for a new big blog topic, I thought, “Why not rank piano concertos?” I had already done sonatas, it seemed obvious, and there are some really great pieces out there. I especially wanted an excuse to discover new modern work. But even just trying to get a reasonable sampling from... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Living Piano Composers, Part I

I spend a lot of time listening to contemporary music, usually while following scores. In college and grad school, as a composition student, I found this essential to keep ideas flowing and expand my range of influences. Today, it’s more for pleasure. But when I really think about it…not a lot of it is solo... Continue Reading →

My 5 Favorite Piano Rags

I don’t know about you, but I played a lot of rags growing up. I had a complete Scott Joplin collection and some auxiliary mixed-composer collections, and spent endless hours sightreading until my left hand ached from all the bass leaps. It was always a nice change of pace from Beethoven sonatas. The pieces tended... Continue Reading →

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